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Temporary status in Canada status expiring  over the coming days and weeks?

As per normal practice, temporary residents in Canada whose status will soon expire can apply for an extension to maintain their temporary resident status in Canada. All in-Canada visitor extension, study permit and work permit applications must be submitted electronically (with some exceptions).In order to maintain status, the application must be complete, including biometrics, fees, and other requirements as applicable.

The application must be received by IRCC before the expiry date of their current temporary resident status.If a temporary resident also applies for renewal of their work or study permit before the expiry of their existing permit, the Regulations authorize them to continue to work or study without a permit under the same conditions as their previous permit, pending a determination of their application for renewal and only as long as the person remains in Canada.

Temporary residents who meet these conditions when applying for an extension of status will benefit from maintained status and may remain in Canada until a decision is rendered on their application; therefore, expedited processing is not required.Please continue to monitor the government website for any updates as this is the fastest and most reliable source of information on how the possible strike may affect IRCC programs and services: Labour disruptions impact at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada – Canada.ca

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